Production and repair of agricultural implements

We produce and repair various agricultural implements

Concrete mixer - dipper

Perfect for mixing and discharging concrete and other materials in the workplace.

Digging dipper

Heavy duty digging dipper with replaceable teeth

Snow grader

Ground roller

Bulldozer - knife

With this add-on, turn your truck into a bulldozer

Materials distributor

A great tool for quickly pouring sand, feed, fertilizer and other bulky material into bags.

Glide(down) dipper

This glide (down) dipper is most suitable for slope formation and other contouring work

Roll grab

With Hydraulic grippers you can easy lift, transport and stack in rolls or bags.

Standard dipper

Fill up dipper

These largeĀ fill up dipper are used for filling works

Palette fork

Two-spoke pallet forks with protective grilles

Roll fork

These forks are for loading and transporting rolls

Roll grab

Universal grippers that can collect garbage, waste, stones, hay, manure, branches, etc. Hydraulically controlled