About us

CSC Mokana is a private capital company, established in 1996. During its first 2-3 years the company produced spare parts for the passenger cars Zhiguli.

When the variety of cars in Lithuania and the market demands changed, the company started providing various services to farmers, transport, wood processing companies and other economy subjects. Services were composed of varied metal production, repairs of various technical junctions, restoration works, production of new parts and junctions.

We have designed and produced customized equipment for wood processing companies, packing and transporting equipment etc. We still continue to perform all of these activities.

In 2000 we started designing and producing metal fences for private houses and companies, as well as stairs, railings, interior products from ferrous metal and rustproof steel for various purposes. In 2003 we started repairing auto transporters as well as producing and repairing separate junctions. We have adopted production and repair of hydro cylinders with various functions.

In February 2007 we received a certificate of conformity to produce metal frameworks for construction. The technological potential of the company lies in the metal processing equipment for various purposes and highly qualified engineering-technical personnel, as well as workers that will fulfill the obligations to the customers efficiently while maintaining high quality of work. The production and services are demanded by Lithuanian companies, while a significant part of them are exported to the European Union countries.

The company employs around 60 people. The yearly sales turnover is EUR 1,5 million.